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In order to offer the highest quality product possible, we use state of the art machines in our equipment production line. We clean and condition the millet using airscreen cleaners, length graders, gravity tables, a destoner, and a color sorter. Only then do we begin the dehulling process which includes the dehullers, aspirators, sifting conveyor, gravity table, and color sorter. Magnets are used ahead of the dehullers, and again ahead of the bagger. All of our hulled millet goes through this entire equipment flow twice for maximum purity. Our whole red proso millet is guaranteed to be 99.5 % hulled, and 99.95 % pure. These are allowed minimums which we surpass routinely. We are extremely proud of our product quality. Our whole white proso millet products are available from either ORGANIC or CONVENTIONAL farms. All products can be shipped bulk or labeled and bagged, warehoused, and loaded into trucks or overseas shipping containers. PRICES can be volatile at times depending on both local and global markets. Please call or email us for current pricing and availability.